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Fresh Duct Air Duct Cleaning is based out of Melbourne, Victoria. We are 100% dedicated to customer satisfaction and quality air duct cleaning services for Melbourne homeowners and commercial property owners or managers. We can take care of any number of air ducts and vent covers. There are so many reasons to clean air ducts in Melbourne – from dust to humidity, professional HVAC cleaning is very important to maintaining a healthy and clean home. We strive to the best air duct cleaning company in Melbourne and will always make sure to offer the best service for a highly competitive price. We’ll make sure you are breathing fresh, clean air that is odorless and free of allergens or other contaminants.

Our air duct cleaning services will improve your home’s airflow and air quality almost instantaneously. We will make sure to completely remove all dust, debris, dirt, allergens, bacteria, and other gross or even dangerous substances from your air ducts.

We will remove each of your vent covers so that each air duct can be fully cleaned from all openings. This is the best way to ensure you are getting a premium cleaning for your air ducts, and also to make sure that no leftover contaminants are sticking to your vent covers when the air blows through them.

We ensure quality

We use a variety of tools, including professional air duct cleaning vacuums and brushes to make sure that your entire air duct system is completely taken care of.

We are dedicated

We believe that it is important to engage in honest business practices by fully cleaning your air ducts and fulfilling every promise we make to you.

There are many benefits to having your air ducts cleaned. Every homeowner deserves to enjoy fresh, clean, quality air free of any contaminants. Visible dust and dirt in your air can lead to health and respiratory issues, could become a fire hazard, and may have you spending more than you need to on your monthly energy bill. If any debris gets trapped within your ducts it could cause them to start clogging up and work less efficiently. Your system will have to work harder to compensate which will raise the amount of energy used.

Dust and allergens that get trapped within air ducts can lead to drowsiness increased sneezing, itchy red eyes and throat, and other health predicaments. In order to receive quality air that is free of any contaminants and to have your system working the way it should call FreshDuct today. Our technicians will be able to inspect and observe the inside of your air ducts to check and see if they are in good condition and working as intended. We are your local and leading Melbourne air duct cleaners.

We are here to make sure every Melbourne home air duct is cleaned by a professional HVAC company. Research has shown that there are more than an astounding 70% of households in America that have not had their air ducts cleaned for more than 5 years. That is way too long to go without a standard cleaning service! This type of neglect introduces an unnecessary risk to families all across the country. There is no reason to ignore your air ducts for anywhere close to as long as 5 years. That is why we are so dedicated to informing every customer of the benefits of air duct cleaning and making sure each duct is cleaned completely and properly. We understand that it is our responsibility to make sure that air duct cleaning remains affordable with no sacrifice to the quality of the work.

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FreshDuct Air Duct Cleaning is proudly offering professional, reliable and affordable air duct cleaning service. Having an A/C duct system is not only enjoying the perfect temperature you like, it’s also extremely important that you keep these ducts clean, unclogged, and free from dust, dirt and other debris.


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